Hello world,

hello-worldYou’ve arrived at the website for David R. Hussey. This website contains my blog posts, major papers, and all about me. From this page, I hope you can gather a better understanding of who I am and my thoughts on the world, video games, and life. Using the tabs above you can find more about me and the purpose of the Gaming Historian, a collection of my major papers, and my blog, which is updated at a much slower pace then I would like.

Again, welcome! and I hope you enjoy learning about me.


David R. Hussey


One thought on “Welcome

  1. Dear David,

    I’ve just read your paper at https://thegaminghistorian.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/finalcomm.pdf and wonder if you’ve published it anywhere more formally?

    I find it quite fascinating and would like to cite your work for a paper I hope to submit at end of May 2016 for peer-review. My paper explores both the occupational and geographical trajectories of workers at Silicon Knights, and through these findings problematizes the ways in which local economic development officials evaluate the efficacy of their policies.

    You might be interested to know since circa 2010 (and in 2013-14 in earnest) I’ve accumulated piles of information on Canada’s video game industry, with really only one policy brief to show for it all (FYI: here is the corresponding press release: https://www.brocku.ca/webfm_send/31392 and here is the policy brief: https://www.brocku.ca/webfm_send/32376 (which I co-wrote with my RA).

    The policy brief might be of interest to you given that we draw on http://www.candevs.ca/ as a registry of Canadian video game developers. If you read our policy brief, be aware that we refer to ‘firms’ though in actuality they are ‘establishments.’ With that said, most are small single-location firm.. In your paper, you draw on a different data source, and I thought you might find the CanDevs data source of interest.

    Jeff Boggs

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